PennWhite ISO 9001 Certification Renewed.

Earlier this month Intertek Certification carried out an in depth re-certification audit of PennWhite’s ISO 9001 Management Systems.

During the 2-day audit Intertek reviewed PennWhite’s production procedures, checked the traceability of goods and the management of non-conformances, as well as talking to staff about sales order processing and purchasing. Afterwards Intertek were able to confirm that the policies and procedures in place at PennWhite remain in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and subsequently extended our certification for a further 3 years.

Technical Director Mark Humphries commented that "The principles and objectives of ISO 9001 are well entrenched within our business and even after all these years still help us to improve our products and service . ISO 9001 contunues to deliver benefits for both PennWhite and its customers, year after year."


PennWhite Launch Online Sample Service

Free of charge product samples can now be ordered via the “Products” page at Customers can request 250ml samples of up to three products at one time and they will usually be dispatched in around 5 working days. Sending a request is simple, customers need only enter basic details directly on the Product page, there is no need to register or set up a password.

“Our objective is to make it easier for current and potential customers to obtain samples of PennWhite formulations for trial or examination,” explains Technical Director Mark Humphries, “Over 150 of our key products are listed on the website so most customers will be able to use the new service, but, if you need a sample of a product not featured on the website, or a larger sample of one that is, our sales team can arrange that over the phone, fax or email.”


PennWhite's New Storage & Dispatch Facility Is Open.

After a month of hard work by a team of contractors and our own personnel, the new PennWhite Warehouse & Dispatch Facility opened for business on 2nd February. Over 800 additional pallet spaces, automated filling equipment and additional decanting stations will help the business to serve its growing customer base over the coming years.

Since moving to the Midpoint 18 Business Park less than five years ago, the business has doubled in size, both in terms of turnover and square meters. Managing Director John Whitehead believes that "Our growth has been built on the faith and trust shown in PennWhite by our customers. Our investment in this new facility represents our commitment to maintaining and continually improving our service levels in response to their needs and expectations."

Unit 7 11


PennWhite Racks Up Storage

Racking for our finished goods is going up in our new storage and dispatch facility and over 800 pallet spaces will be avaialble once installation is complete. Managing Director John Whitehead explained the main reason for increasing PennWhite's storage capacity, "Our business is built on service, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide the solution to  our customers need's exactly when they need it. This new facility means that we can carry more key products in stock and get them to the customer faster than ever before."

IMG 0943

PennWhite Goes To China

Technical Director Mark Humphries and Production Manager Stephen Whitehead are currently in China helping to commission a specialist manufacturing facility that will produce PennWhite printing emulsions under licence.

The new partnership with Chinese company ABC Allied will help PennWhite’s printing products to establish a presence in growing "local" markets, many of which have traditionally been difficult for western companies to service. PennWhite products manufactured in China will only be sold in the Far East, PennWhite's UK manufacturing plant will continue to manufacture products for sale in Europe and the West.

Stephen has already been impressed by the new Chinese facility, “By designing the production unit from the ground up we’ve been able to avoid the compromises that can occur when a facility develops over an extended period.” Mark is equally impressed and has reported that the Chinese production team are “very keen and will get to grips with our formulations very quickly once the plant is fully operational.” This is the first time PennWhite has licenced the manufacture of their products and is another significant step for the printing solutions division of the business.


PennWhite Print Solutions' Get "A" Grade

At the end of 2013 one of PennWhite’s printing industry customers assessed the performance of their key suppliers over the previous 12 months. They rated each supplier based on the quality of their product and their customer service.

Just a few days into the New Year we received our results; PennWhite Print Solutions received top marks, an “A” grade for both product and service.

“It’s very pleasing to get that sort of feedback from a customer,” said Managing Director John Whitehead, “Our aim is to make buying from PennWhite straightforward and easy. Manufacture a product that is fit for purpose and deliver it when the customer wants it is a simple concept, but hard work and commitment is needed to make it happen.  Positive feedback like this is a testament to the efforts of PennWhite's production and administration teams.”

PennWhite Print Solutions' Dedicated Raw Material Bulk Storage Tank

A third raw material bulk storage tank has been installed at our Middlewich manufacturing facility, this one dedicated to PennWhite Print Solutions’ range of Finasil silicone emulsions. With a capacity of 24,000 litres and standing almost 7 meters tall, the tank will provide valuable extra on-site storage at PennWhite.

Production Manager Stephen Whitehead is overseeing commissioning of the tank and explains the benefits it will deliver once up and running, “Our experience and expertise has helped establish PennWhite Print Solutions as a major supplier of silicone emulsions to the printing industry, but the nature of commercial printing means that we often need to manufacture our premium Finasil products at short notice to meet customer deadlines. This is not a problem if we have key raw materials in stock and that’s where the new bulk tank comes in.” Stephen continued, “Having more raw material instantly available will allow us to satisfy last-minute Finasil orders whatever their size. This sort of investment demonstrates our commitment to meeting the unique needs of the printing industry.”

PennWhite's Chinese Fount Solution

Following a recent visit to the Far East by PennWhite managing director John Whitehead, a new Chinese customer has placed an order for PennWhite's specialist foam control agents.

The Chinese company supplies fount solutions to the printing industry but had experienced excessive foaming during their manufacture. Fount solutions are used in commercial presses to deliver high quality high gloss print with good contrast between solid and halftone areas. Additionally the solution cleans the machine, delivering improved efficiency and economy to the printer.

After analysing their manufacturing process PennWhite supplied Foamdoctor F695 to the Chinese production team. The agent eliminated the foaming problem, enabling our customer to optimise its manufacturing process. The successful Foamdoctor product is now being used at our customer’s facilities in China and Poland. One of PennWhite's founding partners, John Whitehead sees this new contract has " an important step in bringing the benefits of our product range to China's emerging new industries." 

PennWhite Install Fast-Action Energy-Saving Doors

On an average day the two large roller shutter doors at either end of the PennWhite manufacturing facility see a lot of traffic. Our forklift truck drivers are in and out every few minutes, either unloading raw materials from delivery vehicles or moving finished goods to our warehouse. As a result the doors are left “up” most of the time. While this makes access to the factory easier and quicker, it lets heat out in the winter and lets heat in during the summer. The impact on our environmental performance, and our heating and cooling bills, is significant.

But we’ve found a solution.

Earlier this week two automated fast-action energy-saving doors were installed at PennWhite. Each door detects the approach of a forklift and quickly raises the lightweight door before lowering it again once the forklift is clear. These new doors will provide a more consistent working environment for our staff and our temperature-sensitive manufacturing plant year round. They will also help us reduce our annual carbon footprint, one of our Environmental Policy’s key objectives. 


PennWhite Print Solutions Launch Finasil LWP

Lightweight papers are becoming increasingly popular in the heat-set offset printing sector, unfortunately paper cockling or fluting of the signatures is a common issue when using both coated and uncoated lightweight stock.

Typically, varying the rotational speed or direction of the lower silicone/water applicator will reduce cockling to acceptable levels. However, this can reduce production efficiency and increase the chances of folder marking on the finished job.

To overcome this PennWhite Print Solutions have developed Finasil LWP. This high performance silicone emulsion helps eliminate staining and matt spots on lightweight papers while maintaining full production speeds. Finasil LWP has been tested on some of Europe’s largest and fastest machines and has proved to be both effective and efficient. Commercial Director Karl Mallard praised the laboratory and production teams for their work on the new product, “They are incredibly good at creating silicone emulsions in line with the constantly evolving challenges faced by the offset printer. It maybe an old fashioned outlook, but we think if something’s worth doing it’s worth doing properly.It’s a philosophy that's helped make us the UK's leading supplier of silicone emulsions to the heat-set printing sector in just eight months."