Case Study 01; Improvement Witnessed

The Client

A state of the art facility in South East England, operating Man Roland Lithoman presses.

The Challenge

Our client was experiencing a significant amount of build-up and marking on their printed work, particularly when using lower quality papers. They asked us to propose an alternative to their current silicone emulsion.

The Solution

We visited the press to assess the the environmental and operational conditions on site. Based on our findings and subsequent lab work we suggested Finasil S60 silicone emulsion would help resolve the problems they were dealing with.

The Outcome

After several follow-up visits to site, during which we worked with our client to determine the optimum dosage of Finasil S60, the press operators reported that:

  • Set off was eliminated on the turner bars and reduced to a level on the former nose that didn’t affect the printed signatures.
  • Silicone roller speeds were reduced on papers ranging from 54 to 100gsm and streaking was eliminated.
  • Past finishing line problems were resolved, magazines were very stable and bundles formed in the stacker held together well.
  • The even spread of emulsion on the applicator rollers allowed it to be transferred to the web more consistently and effectively.
  • Mileage is good, lasting longer than expected despite running jobs that normally require more silicone.
  • Finasil S60 is very stable and delivers better performance, set off is noticeably reduced.

Our product is now be used on press and we continue to work with our client to ensure it helps their facility operate at peak efficiency.